Underneath the Arches

Music by various composers
Book by Patrick Garland, Brian Glanville, and Roy Hudd in association with Chesney Allen

“This is a chance to see a London show in the Isle of Man.” So said Patrick Taylor at the time of our inaugural show, and so it proved to be as Taylorian celebrated the lives and laughs of the Crazy Gang in late summer, 2007.

World War II saw the peak of two comedians, Flanagan and Allen, as they kept churning out the hits including Run Rabbit Run, Underneath the Arches, Shine on Harvest Moon and We’re Gonna Hang Out the Washing on the Siegfried Line.

Underneath the Arches told the story in songs and sketches of two of Britain’s most popular entertainers, the lovable, wicked Bud Flanagan, and the handsome, urbane Chesney Allen, and their association with a bunch of knockabout comedians known collectively as ‘The Crazy Gang’ (Nervo and Knox, Naughton and Gold, and ‘Monsewer’ Eddie Gray).


The show looked very slick and professional. This was a magical theatrical event, cleverly staged and fabulously colourful. An experience very different to what the Island has seen before – Isle of Man Today

Creative Team

Directed and choreographed by John Cumberlidge
Produced by Matthew James
Musical Director Julian Power
Lighting design by Paul Seed
Sound Design by Alex Linney
Assistant Director Emma Gleave


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